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Your farm will Thrive and Rewards you with a more Abundant Harvest.

We source the best natural raw materials from around the world, to let our scientists and agronomists compose best formulations that are highly effective and scalable healthy produce of food crops besides revitalizing the soil texture. Our natural mineral based fertilizer compositions are not only economical, but also as effective as the conventional inorganic synthetic chemicals if not more.

Our noble practice is a perfect substitution for the chemical fertilizers to protect the environment from soil degradation, water and air pollution besides reducing the need of highly pollutant chemical pesticides which are the prime cause of human health degradation and growing ailments like heart attacks, early menopause in female community, impotency in male community, intolerance in children leading to suicidal tendencies etc.

Repairing the Environment

Having observed the effects derived from years of applying inorganic fertilizers and chemicals to the environment: Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd., was established to help manage, design and develop growing solutions that contribute to stabilizing and reversing the damage caused to our natural resources. Sustainable natural resources management is our only objective.

Increasing Production

Realizing the limits and cost implications associated with sustainable farming and natural resource management we offer cost effective alternatives to improving pasture and crop quality and production that are both affordable as well as beneficial to the environment.