Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.
Largest Granulation Plant in South India

  • Largest granulation plant in South India with 1,20,000 mt per year capacity.
  • Manufacturer and Marketeer of Micro Nutrients Mixtures, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers and Bio Fertilizers in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Featured Specialty Products – Nano N, NP, PK & Zn Products, Imported Combi Products, Bio Stimulants in Granular, Liquid and Powder Formulations.
  • Full range of Organic Granular Fertilizers like PROM, Organic Potash, Cake based, Gypsum Granules, Organic Fertilizers and Secondary Nutrients.

Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.
Company with Passion & Perfection

  • Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd., (GNFL) is a well reputed company established in 2010 and led by Sri K Madhuram Reddy, B.E., Managing Director supported by experienced industry professionals.
  • Our team works relentlessly research to improve and innovate quality products to suit the geo specific soil conditions in the country.
  • We provide a fresh approach that focuses on quality products, timely product supply, value-for-money and a transparent and ethical business relationships with our customers.

Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt. Ltd.
Contributing Towards Emerging Global Challenge

  • All over the world, the Governments are keeping increased focus to improve the food production for the ever growing population besides protecting the environment from imbalance of natural resources for the future generations.
  • Since the inception of Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt Ltd., the focus is always to improve the soil health and fertility in an environmentally sustainable way by minimal or no application of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Director's Message

K. Madhuram Reddy, B.E.
Managing Director, GNFPL.

I take pride in the way Gangothri® has made progress over the years. We make conscious efforts on environmentally friendly quality products. Hard work always pays and now the company has largest capacity to manufacture 1,20,000 MTs per annum with a state-of-the-art technology plant at Venkatapur Village, Nalgonda District, Telangana State We export organic fertilizers to South East Asia and import water soluble fertilizers from European Countries.

We are committed to highest customer satisfaction by providing quality products and post sale services in alignment with customers expectations. We always look forward for continuous improvements and innovation to deliver quality products to our customers by leveraging our stakeholders’ strengths – Our Dealers, Farmers, Employees and well-wishers.

I take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders for their continued patronage and confidence in our products which inspires us to provide the best services and to provide true Value For Money (VFM).

- Madhuram Reddy K., B.E.
Managing Director, GNFPL.

Core Values