For Plant Nutrition & Growth Boosters

The Importance of Growth Promoters
in Agricultural Production

Growth promoter is a natural / herbal fertilizer, especially designed for the overall growth of the plants. These growth promoters are intended to accelerate the rate of growth and maturation of crops or plants, without disturbing their natural physiological actions. These premium quality plant growth promoters increase the yield as well as control the pests & pathogens. A highly effective and safe biological tonics, these growth promoters boost an all round development of the crops by regulating their metabolic activities from root to the leaves.

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are organic compounds, other than nutrients, that modify plant physiological processes. PRGs, called biostimulants or bioinhibitors, act inside plant cells to stimulate or inhibit specific enzymes or enzyme systems and help regulate plant metabolism. They normally are active at very low concentrations in plants.

The importance of PGRs was first recognized in the 1930s. Since that time, natural and synthetic compounds that alter function, shape, and size of crop plants have been discovered. Today, specific PGRs are used to modify crop growth rate and growth pattern during the various stages of development, from germination through harvest and post-harvest preservation.