Growth Promoter


Product Features

A "Vaccine" that enhances the Immunity of Plants
Biorational Protectant

Enhances immunity in plants results increase in withstand ability from pest and disease attack and also to overcome during stress conditions.
ICON is a combination of all complex nutrients required to plant and can be used for immediate results. Plant grows healthier and stronger.
Disease attack can be controlled effectively by ICON when used in required dosage and repeated applications.
Viral diseases like leaf spot, leaf fold, yellowing etc. can be controlled in crops Tomato, Cucumber, Ridgeguard, Bendi, Snakeguard, Melons etc.
ICON contains saponins and alcohols which play an important role in the plant defense against different insect pests and diseases.
ICON developed with plant extracts safeguards your crop from all types of stresses that plant has to bear.

Product Description

As much as plant protection against biotic (e.g. pathogens, pest) and abiotic stress (e. g. drought, temperature) is needed to safeguard yields and produce quality of our crops, the societal demand for a sustainable, low risk, or pesticide free plant protection measures is increasing.

With this demand the need for alternatives in integrated pest management (IPM) and biological control is increasing too. Our ICON in general considered environmentally friendly and being of low risk.

100% Organic

Also recommended for Organic Farming

Natural Ingredients

No Chemicals Added.

For All Crops

For Growth and Protection.

Nutrient Content
Saponins & Alcohols 33.0%
Plant Extracts 67.0%
Total 100.0%

Recommended Dose 2 ml / 1 litre of water
Available Packagings 500ml, 250ml, 100ml.

Field Crops All Crops
Vegetables All Crops
Horticulture All Crops