For Drip / Foliar Application

The Importance of Water Soluble Fertilizers
in Agricultural Production

Efficient Fertilizers and Fertilization methods have become the sole answer to large growing demand for efficient Farm Produce. One of the most important challenges facing advanced and progressive farmers is to provide crops with the optimal quantity of Water and Nutrients in the most Cost-efficient manner possible.

For Intensive High Yield and Quality Crop Production, the best ever answer to this challenge is "FOLIAR SPRAY NUTRITION", where soluble fertilizers are delivered to crops through Foliar Spray Feeding System & thus ensures plant nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash & Micronutrients are directed to the plant through Foliage in well balanced proportion. Foliar Spray is a well-established tool to supplement and to enrich plant nutrition.

Thus Water Soluble Foliar Spray Fertilizers Offers 'A Balance Nutrition Concept' to have higher yields with improved quality and covers all physiological growth stages of crops with pure intention of "A COMPLETE PLANT NUTRITION".