Growth Promoter


Product Features

Micronised Granules with Better Absorption (MGBA) Technology
Multi Nutrient Provider

As the root system grows better, more nutrients are absorbed. The support of enzymes for the production of hormones continues unabated.
Contributes to greater microbial activity when applied to soil and thus increasing the nutrient availability to plants.
Ujjivan develops the upper and lower layers of leaves thicker and get resistant to different sucking pests and fungal disease attack.
The leaves form larger and photosynthesis takes place faster, producing more carbs. Provides all constituents in balanced form for healthier growth.
Grain, nuts and other yields have the uniform quality, enhances the weight of the produce and yield increases.
Apply in conjunction with balanced nutrition program for good results and quality and increased output.

Product Description

"UJJIVAN" provides resistance against sucking pest and fungal and bacterial diseases due to strong cuticle layer, upper epidermis and lower epidermis of leaf. Expansion in leaf area to increase the rate of photosynthesis and to increase the production of carbohydrates. Presence of leaf nitrogen more than 55% and carbon more than 18% to control the vegetative growth and to increase reproduction.

100% Organic

Also recommended for Organic Farming

Natural Ingredients

No Chemicals Added.

For All Crops

As Growth and Yield Boosters.

Nutrient Content
Biologically derived Proteins 15.0%
Fulvic Acid 9.0%
Organic Matter 76.0%
Total 100.0%

Recommended Dose 20 kgs / Acre
Available Packagings 20 Kg

Field Crops All Crops
Vegetables All Crops
Horticulture All Crops