Organic Fertilizer


Product Features

High amount of Calcium and Sulphur helps in increasing fertility of the soil.
Phosphogypsum (Granular)

Gypsum is an excellent Source of Calcium and Sulfur for plant nutrition and improving crop yield. Calcium helps stimulate root growth.
One of gypsums main advantages is its ability to reduce aluminum toxicity, which often accompanies soil acidity, particularly in subsoils.
Gypsum has been used for many years to improve aggregation and inhibit or overcome dispersion in sodic soils.
When we apply gypsum to soil it allows water to move into the soil and allow the crop to grow well. Improves water infiltration.
Better soil structure allows all the positive benefits of soil-water relations to occur and helps to create good soil structure properties.
Gypsum should be considered as a Best Practice for reducing soluble P losses. Reduces runoff and erosion.

Product Description

ZYPMORE contains high amount of calcium and sulphur. ZYPMORE helps in increasing fertility of the soil. By using ZYPMORE hard land can be converted to soft land. ZYPMORE is very helpful in salty water areas.

100% Organic

Also recommended for Organic Farming

Natural Ingredients

No Chemicals Added.

For All Crops

Recommended for all Crops.

Particulars % by Weight Content on dry basis
Sulphur (As S) Minimum 13.0
Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate Minimum 70.0

Recommended per Acre 200 - 300 Kgs.
Available Packagings 50 Kgs

Field Crops All Crops
Vegetables All Crops
Horticulture All Crops