Micro Nutrient Fertilizer


Product Features

Micronutrient Fertilizer for Soil Application.
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

Siri Sampada overcomes Zinc deficiency in crops when applied. Zinc is one of the primary plant growth and production micronutrient.
Helps in activating enzymes. Facilitates cell division. Retain the natural color of the plants and crops. Adds stalk and stem stiffness.
Helps in the growth of shoots and the formation of grains and fruits. Promotes growth of healthy green leaves.
It increase the iron utilization in crop plants. Activator and component of many plant enzymes. Helps in the uniform maturity of crops.
Formation of chlorophyll that permits photosynthesis through which plants produce starch, sugars, oils, fats, vitamins.
Promotes the nodules formation in legume crops. Increases crop yields and improves produce quality.

Product Description

SIRI SAMPADA™ - Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (ZnSO4) is in free flowing powder form which contains 33% Zinc along with Sulphur which is the most deficient secondary nutrient.

100% Natural

Micronutrient Fertilizer

Natural Ingredients

Plant Friendly

For All Crops

Recommended for all Crops.

Nutrient Content
Zinc Sulphate - 33% (Mono) 01.0 Kg
Non Nutrient Carrier 09.0 Kg
Total 10.0Kg

Recommended per Acre 10 Kgs.
Mode of Application 10 Kg. of Siri Sampada broadcasted in 1 acre crop field.
Available Packagings 10 Kgs

Field Crops All Crops
Vegetables All Crops
Horticulture All Crops