Micro Nutrient Fertilizer


Product Features

Micronutrient Fertilizer
Boron (as B) 20% Minimum

Boroking is an essential micro nutrient. Plays an important role in cell division, transportation of food material in the plant system.
Boron deficiency results in various symptoms like yellowing and malformation of young leaves, flower dropping, fruit cracking etc.
Boroking is an ideal micro nutrient fertilizer, contains water soluble boron to correct Boron deficiency in soils and crops.
Boron is an important nutrient on its own, it also has a positive impact on the uptake of potassium and phosphorus in many plants.
Formation of chlorophyll that permits photosynthesis through which plants produce starch, sugars, oils, fats, vitamins.
Promotes the nodules formation in legume crops. Increases crop yields and improves produce quality.

Product Description

Boroking™ is an essential micronutrient for all plants. It plays an important role in cell division. Flowering, fruiting, and transportation of food material in the plants system. Boroking is an ideal micronutrients fertilizer, containing water soluble Boron (B) 20% (Min) to correct Boron deficiency in soils and crops, to maximize crop yields.

100% Natural

Micronutrient Fertilizer

Natural Ingredients

Plant Friendly

For All Crops

Recommended for all Crops.

Nutrient Content
Di Sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate Boron (as B) Min. 20%

Recommended 1 - 1.5g / Litre of Water
Mode of Application 0.1% to 0.15% solution (1 to 1.5g per liter of water) during critical growth stages of crop.
Give 2 to 3 sprays at 15 to 20 days interval during flowering and fruit setting stage.
Available Packagings 250g. 500g, 1kg.

Field Crops Cotton, Paddy, Chillies, Sugarcane, Pulses etc.
Vegetables All Crops
Horticulture All Crops
Oil Seeds All Crops