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An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Contributing towards Emerging Global Challenge

All over the world Governments are struggling to increase food production for the ever growing population besides protecting the environment from imbalance of natural resources for the future generations. The inception of Gangothri Nutrients & Fertilizers Pvt Ltd., is to improve soil health and fertility in an environmentally sustainable way by minimal or no application of synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Company with Passion & Perfection

Gangothri ® Nutrients & Fertilizers is a well reputed company established in 2010. The company is flourishing under able guidance of Sri K Madhuram Reddy, B.E., Managing Director.

Our team works tirelessly, researching and improving products that are designed for the unique soil and conditions this country has to offer. We provide a fresh approach that focuses on quality products, consistency of supply, value-for-money and a fair deal relationship with our clients..

"I take pride in the way Gangothri ® has made progress over the years. We make catious efforts to focus on quality outcome.
Hard work always pays and now the company has manufacturing capacity of 1,20,000 M.Tons per annum with a state of the art technology plant at Venkatapur Village, Nalgonda District.
We export organic fertilizers to south east Asia and import water soluble fertilizers from European Countries."

- Madhuram Reddy, B.E.
Managing Director, Gangothri N&F.

  • ••• Our Vision

    To be recognized as the ceaseless innovator in providing the farming community solutions for Healthy Crop and Higher Yield.

  • ••• Our Drive

    To guide and transform the businesses persistently through Innovation and Efficiency to cut down input cost and better output.